...a superb text on continuum theory and applications with absolutely outstanding graphics. The graphs and figures in the side panels I expect will be extremely helpful to students or readers. The book is at the same time introductory and advance, and the range of topics is exceptionally wide.
Professor Richard Lovelace, Cornell University

...perhaps the only modern advanced undergraduate or graduate introduction to the subject...put together very elegantly and intelligently, illustrated by many examples from geophysics, astrophysics and other fields...a pleasure to teach. For a student who has already encountered solid and fluid mechanics, the text offers rigor and breadth; nothing is asserted, everything is derived.
Predrag Cvitanovic, Glen P Robinson Chair in Nonlinear Sciences, School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

...The book is filled to the brim with exciting stories from classical physics explaining the world we see around us, told with Lautrup's unusual insight, enthusiasm and literary talent. Just dive in!
Professor Tomas Bohr, Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark