Physics of Continuous Matter, 2nd edition


Some references in the book (page 672) are links to the Internet, and as such prone to disappearing. The following list is an up-to-date version.

  1. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Physical Reference Data.

  2. Kaye and Laby. Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants.

  3. J. Christensen-Dalsgaard. Solar model data.

  4. U. S. Geological Survey.

  5. NASA. Jupiter, Moons, Io.

  6. J. Bush. Lecture notes on fluid mechanics.

  7. Extreme bubble team. World's Largest Free-floating Soap Bubble.

  8. Martin Chapman. Water properties.

  9. Wikipedia. V-2.

  10. Wikipedia. Space Shuttle Main Engine.

  11. Juvenco A/S, Denmark. Axial Ventilator SMP.

  12. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The World Factbook.

  13. Three Gorges Power Plant Animation.

  14. China. Three Gorges Project Corporation

  15. US Government Energy Information Administration. International Energy Statistics.

  16. US National Weather Service. Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services.

  17. A. Filippone. Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics. This link appears to be defunct.

  18. Moser, Kim, and Mansour. DNS Data for Turbulent Channel Flow.

  19. Zagarola and Smits. Data on turbulent pipe flow.



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