Physics of Continuous Matter, 2nd edition

Mathematica calculations

Virtually all non-trivial (and some trivial) calculations in the book have been carried out in Mathematica 9. In the table below these calculations are presented in Computable Document Format (CDF) which can be displayed with the Wolfram CDF player. It is freely available at the address and can be installed as a plugin for Internet Explorer. Alternatively, all the files may be downloaded in one go here.

  1. Continuous matter
  2. Pressure
  3. Buoyancy and stability
  4. Hydrostatic shapes
  5. Surface tension
  6. Stress
  7. Strain
  8. Hooke's law
  9. Basic elastostatics
  10. Slender rods
  11. Computational elastostatics
  12. Continuum dynamics
  13. Nearly ideal flow
  14. Compressible flow
  15. Viscosity
  16. Channels and pipes
  17. Creeping flow
  18. Rotating fluids
  19. Computational fluid dynamics
  20. Mechanical balances
  21. Action and reaction
  22. Energy
  23. Entropy
  24. Elastic vibrations
  25. Gravity waves
  26. Jumps and shocks
  27. Whirls and vortices
  28. Boundary layers
  29. Subsonic flight
  30. Convection
  31. Turbulence
  1. Newtonian Mechanics
  2. Cartesian coordinates
  3. Field calculus
  4. Curvilinear coordinates
  5. Ideal gases
  6. Answers to problems

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