Benny Lautrup - recent scientific papers (older here)

  1. Uniqueness of Parisi's Scheme for Replica Symmetry Breaking
    B. Lautrup
    Ann. Phys. 216, 73-97 (1992)
  2. Evolution in a Rugged Fitness Landscape
    H. Flyvbjerg and B. Lautrup
    Phys. Rev. A46, 6714-6723 (1992)
  3. Co-evolution in a Rugged Fitness Landscape
    P. Bak, H. Flyvbjerg, and B. Lautrup
    Phys. Rev. A46, 6724-6730 (1992)
  4. Co-evolution in a Rugged Fitness Landscape
    P. Bak, H. Flyvbjerg, and B. Lautrup
    in "Artificial Life III", Proceedings of the workshop on artificial life, Santa Fe, June 1992.
  5. Extremely ill-posed learning
    L. K. Hansen, B. Lautrup, I. Law, N. Mørch, and J. Thomsen
    DTU technical report (1994)
  6. Massive Weight Sharing: A cure for extremely ill-posed problems
    B. Lautrup, L. K. Hansen, I. Law, N. Mørch, C. Svarer, and S. Strother
    in Proceedings of the Workshop on Supercomputing in Brain Research, p. 137 World Scientific (1995)
  7. Visualization of Neural Networks using Saliency Maps
    N. Mørch, U. Kjems, L. K. Hansen, C. Svarer, I. Law, S. Strother, and K. Rehm
    in Proceedings of 1995 IEEE Int. Conf. on Neural Networks, Vol. 4 2085-2090 (1995)
  8. Dynamics, Correlations and Phases of the Micromaser
    P. Elmfors, B. Lautrup, and B-S. Skagerstam
    Phys. Rev. A54, 5171 (1996).
  9. Diffusion-anisotropy and white-matter tracts
    V. J. Wedeen, T.L. Davis, B.E. Lautrup, T.G. Rees, B.R.Rosen
    NeuroImage 3(3):146 (1996)
  10. Non-linear backpropagation
    J. Hertz, A. Krogh, B. Lautrup, and T. Lehmann
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 8, 1321-1327 (1997)
  11. Optimal Learning in Multilayer Neural Networks
    O. Winther, B. Lautrup, and J-B. Zhang
    Phys. Rev. E55, 836 (1997).
  12. Correlation between cognitive function scores and the response of a neural network classifier for SPECT data in patients with Alzheimer's disease
    Søren Halkjær, Gunhild Waldemar, Benny Lautrup and Olaf B. Paulson
    Manuscript (1997).
  13. Nonlinear versus Linear Models in Functional Neuroimaging: Learning Curves and Generalization Crossover
    N. Mørch, L.K. Hansen, S.C. Strother, C. Svarer, D.A. Rottenberg, B. Lautrup, R. Savoy, O.B. Paulson
    In Information Processing in Medical Imaging, vol. 15 (eds. J. Duncan and G. Gindi), p. 1230:259--70, Springer Verlag (1997).
  14. Atomic Beam Correlations and the Quantum State of the Micromaser
    Per Elmfors, Benny Lautrup, and Bo-Sture Skagerstam
    Physica Scripta 55, 724-727 (1997)
  15. Universal Distribution of Saliencies for Pruning in Layered Neural Networks
    J. Gorodkin, L. K. Hansen, B. Lautrup and S. A. Solla
    International Journal of Neural Systems 8, 489-498 (1997).
  16. g-2 and the trust in experimental results
    B. Lautrup, and H. Zinkernagel
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 30, 85-119 (1999).
  17. Apparent Superluminal Behavior in Wave Propagation
    A. D. Jackson, A. Lande, and B. Lautrup
    Phys. Rev. A64, 044101 (2001)
  18. Products of Random Matrices
    A. D. Jackson, B. Lautrup, P. Johansen, and M. Nielsen
    Phys. Rev. E66, 066124 (2002) 
  19. Brownian Warps: a least committed prior for non-rigid registration 
    M. Nielsen, P Johansen, A. Jackson, B. Lautrup,
     in Proc. of Medical Image Computing and
    Computer-Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2002, vol. II, Tokyo,
    Japan, September 2002, Editors T Dohi and R Kikinis, Springer
    Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, no 2488, page 557-564.
  20. The anatomy of a bathtub vortex
    A. Andersen, T. Bohr,  J. Juul Rasmussen,  B. Stenum, and B. Lautrup,
    Phys. Rev. Letters 91, 104502 (2003)
  21. Averaging Method for Nonlinear Laminar Ekman Layers
    A. Andersen, B. Lautrup, and T. Bohr,
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics  487, 81 (2003)
  22. Citation Distributions in High Energy Physics
    S. Lehmann, B. Lautrup, and A. D. Jackson
    Phys. Rev. E 68, 026113 (2003)
  23. Life, Death, and Preferential Attachment
    S. Lehmann, A. D. Jackson, and B. Lautrup
    Europhysics Letters 69, 298 (2005)
  24. The PDE's of Continuum Physics
    B. Lautrup
    Introductory lecture presented at the Workshop on PDE methods in Computer
    , Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen,
    Denmark, March 31--April 1, 2005.
  25. The stability of solitons in biomembranes and nerves
    B. Lautrup, A. D. Jackson, and Th. Heimburg
    NBI preprint, October 2005
  26. Measures and Mismeasures of Scientific Quality
    S. Lehmann, A. D. Jackson, and B. Lautrup
    NBI preprent, December 2005
  27. The bathtub vortex in a rotating container
    A. Andersen, T. Bohr, B. Stenum, J. Juul Rasmussen, and B. Lautrup
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 556 , 121 - 146  (2006)
  28. Measures for measures
    S. Lehmann, A. D. Jackson, and B. E. Lautrup
    Nature 444, 1003-4 (Dec. 21, 2006)
    Supplementary information
  29. Kvaliteten af kvalitetsmål (in Danish)
    Sune Lehmann, Andrew D. Jackson, Benny E. Lautrup
    Ugeskrift for Læger 169/38,   3205-3207 ( 2007)
  30. Brownian Warps for Non-Rigid Registration
    Mads Nielsen · Peter Johansen · Andrew D. Jackson · Benny Lautrup · Søren Hauberg
    J Math Imaging Vis (2008) 31: 221–231
  31. A Quantitative Analysis of Measures of Quality in Science
    S. Lehmann, A. D. Jackson, and B. E. Lautrup
    Scientometrics, Vol. 76, No. 2 (2008) 369–390
  32. Comment on "Citation Statistics" by Joint Committee on Quantitative Assessment of Research.
    S. Lehmann, B. E. Lautrup, and A. D. Jackson
    Statistical Science 24, 17-20 (2009)
  33. Soliton collision in biomembranes and nerves - A stability study
    Revathi Appali, Benny Lautrup, Thomas Heimburg, Ursula van Rienen
    in Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering SCEE 2010,
    and Mathematics in Industry 16 (2012), Springer, pp. 205-212.
  34. The stability of solitons in biomembranes and nerves
    B. Lautrup, R. Appali, A. D. Jackson, and Th. Heimburg
    Eur. Phys. J. E (2011) 34: 57
  35. Double-slit experiment with single wave-driven particles and its relation to quantum mechanics
    Anders Andersen, Jacob Madsen, Christian Reichelt, Sonja Rosenlund Ahl, Benny Lautrup, Clive Ellegaard, Mogens T. Levinsen, and Tomas Bohr
    Phys. Rev. E 92, 013006 (2015)

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